Institute of Public Diplomacy

Institute of Public Diplomacy

The public organization that operates international projects in various areas of public life such as development of civil society, people's diplomacy, information security, human rights, development of Ukrainian youth.

Our Mission

The future is made today and everyone must act.

Our Goal

To accomplish our goals, we are developing projects and building networking connections in Ukraine and abroad.

Our Projects

The purpose of our projects is to encourage every individual and the society as a whole to develop social responsibility.

What we do

  • People's diplomacy

  • To protect the rights of the children who suffered from military conflicts

  • Counteraction to imformation aggression

  • International youth development programs

Our projects

Kindness starts with you

10-year-old girl from the village “Hranitne”, located in ATO in the conflict zone of the East of Ukraine, needs help today. The girl is suffering from bronchial asthma.  To prevent asthma attacks and save her life, she needs a nebulizer, the device that can facilitate the flow of inhaled corticosteroids into her airways.

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